Publishing a cookbook requires savvy – Green Hill is here to help you taste success.

We have helped many epicurean authors to successfully self publish their cookbooks.

Self publishing – the perfect recipe for success

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Self publishing cookbook Adelina's Kitchen Italian Table

Green Hill has found the perfect recipe for self publishing your cookbook.

Here are our top four tips:

  1. Use good photography – let prospective readers taste the book with their eyes!
  2. Dumb down the recipes – simple is everything. Readers must be able to follow along easily. Do not assume anything e.g. what’s “napper with a  jigger of Ketjap manis”?  And we can advise how to test your recipe format with readers.
  3. Use a strong template – every page must be designed consistent with previous pages and resist too much design on the pages with text – readability is paramount and graphics often clutter and distract.
  4. Think about the functional aspects of the book – “squarish” books are easier to keep open on a kitchen bench, gloss paper resists staining.


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